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Savage Wolverine
Independent roleplay blog for Wolverine of X-Men

Disclaimer: Events of this roleplay take place after Avengers vs X-men, but I will accommodate to other's storylines if need be. Also note the nature of my roleplay will be very graphic.
Headcanon Relations
Meet the drunkard.

This had become something of a thing for him. Going out late at night, frequenting some random bar and then drinking himself into a coma to forget about his mountain of sorrows and regrets. Not the healthiest routine, yes, but at the moment he didn’t really care much for his health.. Then again, when did he ever? So much had happened in so little time that Logan needed to find a way to cope. Sadly, the one thing that could bring him relief was denied to him. So drinking until his heart stopped was the only other option.


By the time he left the bar he was staggering about like a tranquilized elephant. One would think that after seeing the world around him spin at 135 degrees, the floor turn into a sea of jello and people on the street starting to look like sentinels he’d decide to just stop drinking for the evening. The fact that he left with three extra cans of beer means you thought wrong.